In celebration of us introducing Precision Hydration electrolyte tablets to our supplement range we bring you #ReptileRehydrationPack.

Combining an exclusive orange and black Visionary t-shirt, exclusive orange beanie, Nalgene sports bottle with exclusive sports cap attachment, Isosport Drops CBD Beverage Enhancer and introducing the 1000mg Precision Hydration electrolyte tablets.

Hydration is important on so many levels including cognitive function, energy levels and even weight loss.

For people with active lifestyles and who play sport competitively it is even more important and can play key role in performance. Rehydration is not just about replacing the fluid lost through activity but is also about replenishing the electrolytes and particularly sodium that is lost through sweat. Bringing the body back into electrolyte balance can allow for optimal muscle contraction and force development, can reduce cramping and help with recovery. Precision hydration have developed what we believe is the best electrolyte supplement on the market through state of the art technology and solid scientific research through the Porsche research centre at Silverstone. Originally developed for racing drivers the tablets have seen wide applications in different sports from ultra marathon runners to rugby and can be used as a key part of the rehydration protocol in MMA post weigh in. Combined with the Precision Hydration tablets the Isosport Drops CBD Beverage Enhancer can aid performance, endurance, and especially recovery. Each serving delivers full-spectrum phytocannabinoids, including CBD, and over 75 botanical terpenes in this hemp essential oil complex. Powered by Heneplex, the nanotechnology in this formula ensures the particles are easily absorbed by your body thus increasing their bioavailability for maximum CBD benefits. To finish off the pack we bring you an exclusive version of our Nalgene bottle. With its Litre volume and measurements along the bottle you can monitor your fluid intake and keep on top of your hydration. This special addition sports cap that is perfect to use out and about and in the car is a safe non spill alternative to the 32-ounce wide mouth lid. With its tried and tested shape and structure it holds up against bangs, bumps, and drops, its also BPA free

1x Exclusive Black FRC T-Shirt with Orange Visionary logo to left breast and back.
1x FRC 32oz (1000m) Nalgine™ 'Wide Mouth' Bottle.
1x Nalgine™ 'On The Fly' Roasted Orange Cap.
1x Exclusive Burnt Orange FRC Beanie with Embroidered 'Visionary' logo to front.
1x Iso-Drops CBD Beverage Enhancer 61mm (2.1 FL OZ)
1x (TUBE) 1000mg Precision Hydration electrolyte tablets (10 tablets).