This is the sister product to the Rhinogrinder. Sometimes you need coffee on the fly. The Collective are constantly travelling and love the adaptability, ease and efficiency of this product.
No time to go through your coffee brewing ceremony? Don't worry, the Aeropress brings you an efficient solution to high quality coffee consumption on the go.

The AeroPress is an alternative way to make coffee, American style or Espresso style for use in lattes, cappucinos and other espresso-based drinks. The AeroPress brews 1-4 cups per pressing. Ideal water temperature and faster brewing yields rich flavour with lower acidity and without bitterness. Its total-immersion system permits extraction at a moderate temperature and a short brew time. Water and coffee are mixed together for 10 seconds, then gentle air pressure pushes the mix through a micro-filter in just 20 seconds, which avoids bitterness. The air pressure also gently squeezes the last goodness from the coffee, further enriching the flavour. The total brewing time of only 30 seconds results in an exceptionally smooth brew. Includes 350 filter papers, coffee scoop, funnel and stirrer.

Diameter: 11cm

Height: Total product height 27cm. Aeropress 14cm

Care Instructions
Suitable for the top shelf of a dishwasher; however we recommend washing by hand.